Cosmetic Vein Injections Using FDA Approved Liquid IV Medicines Are Safer.

Asclera (Polidocanol), STS, Glycerin, Hypertonic saline are medicines offered in many vein clinics for the last 20 years but patients and providers haven’t been thoroughly educated about the positive and negative attributes of each method. When Polidocanol was FDA approved a few years ago, the company raised prices to equally expensive STS that was already on the market and closed the doors for providers to buy equally safe and pure products from overseas.
Thus compounding pharmacies starting filling the holes and many were not aware of the impurities in IV injectables until there were some complications with other intravenous compounding agents in the US.

Many oral and crème based nutraceuticals don’t have the risks of compounded IV  medications. We should be given the best products on the market and not worry about severe complications. In future blogs, I will present some of the studies being done to protect patients and their providers.

At  Morrison Vein Institute, we count on high satisfaction and success ratings, with fewer side effects, so we use FDA approved STS and Polidocanol from official company distribution centers. Come in for a screening and see if you are a candidate for cosmetic or medical treatments and we will be glad to explain the difference.

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