Treatment of Varicose Veins: Will They Come Back ? Complicated Problem

Vein disease is a genetic problem which involves diseased vein walls and vein valves. We can modify our lifestyle, elevate our legs, exercise, eat right, wear compression stockings for prolonged sitting, standing, and weight lifting, and treat new vein problems as they occur; optimum times after each pregnancy and/or every 2-3 year tune-ups.


The most important step is to examine the patient with New veins or Recurrent veins with a Venous Doppler Duplex scan by a venous specialist and sonographer. Each time, there needs to be a vein map for treatments.

If insurance is involved, they will make the patient wear compression socks or stockings for 6 weeks to 3 months before treatment is allowed and treatment may be denied if veins aren’t a certain size to meet their criteria.


New Therapies of Clarivein  (MOCA), Venaseal Glue,and  Asclera or STS for Injection Sclerotherapy of the underlying problem or for surface veins. Call MorrisonVeinInstitute 480-775-8460 for appointment to learn more about you! Thank you to Nick Morrison MD for the use of his slides and the companies depicted for permission to use their illustrations.

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