Compression Socks Help Golfer’s Legs

Image result for golfers legsThe recent randomized trial in Ferrara, Italy, by Sergio Gianesini MD, et al, Int. Nat. Angiology March 2016 studied forty men and women golfers with the median age of 48 years old, golfing for 18 holes and divided them into groups with no compression, 18 mmHG compression (our light-weight compression in the U.S.), and 23 mmHg of compression (our Class 2 Medical sock or stocking.) A standard venous ultrasound, echo color doppler was used and water testing called Plethysmography. Also questionnaires, for assessments of fatigue before and after were used.

Those participants who had no compression reported and with testing proved that they had an increase in leg volume of at least 5%, ie. swelling and fatigue. The 18 mmHg only reduced the volume by 1% but the 23mmHg stockings reduced the leg volume by 4% and significantly reduced fatigue and tiredness at the end of 18 holes.

This is only one of hundreds of new studies around the world of “Phlebology = Vein Care” that will finally encourage athletes of all ages, sizes, shapes to use compression socks for healthier legs, help our venous circulation and improve our recovery times between our sports activities, and our daily lives. Medical compression stockings properly fitted can prevent even major life events like deep vein thrombosis ( blood clots) and pulmonary embolism, leg ulcers and minor symptoms too.

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