Endovenous Ablation ( Closing a diseased vein) with Heat, Medicine, Radio-frequency, Venaseal glue or Clarivein and sclerotherapy can Alleviate Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms in patients with SVI.

Since 2007, we have had studies in Phlebology Vol 22, and Phlebology 2008; 23:112-117: ” Restless legs appears to be a common overlapping clinical syndrome in patients with Chronic Venous Disease (CVD). Prospective blinded therapeutic trials have studied the influence of definitive treatments for CVD on sequential RLS scores. In 2008 the The 2008 Abstract and study to follow concluded Endovenous ablation of refluxing axial veins with laser and foamed STS sclerotherapy of associated varicosities alleviates RLS SYMPTOMS IN PATIENTS WITH SVI ( SUPERFICIAL VENOUS INSUFFICIENCY).”  They went on to recommend ruling out SVI on all patients on drug therapy for RLS.

In 2016, an “abstract on the Prevalence of Chronic Venous Disease and restless leg syndrome syndrome by A Sukhanov et. all,  in Phl. sage pub.com Phlebology 31 (9), they found a high level of depression 53% ( clinical and sub clinical) and restless legs 34% in patients with superficial venous disease in even low scores of CEAP classes- which means less obvious varicose veins, edema and spider veins. So this depression can be related to Restless leg syndrome alone plus body image disturbances combined with the usual complaints of heaviness, cramps, pain and swelling. ”

Superficial vein disease has a high prevalence in our society 50% of women and 25% of men. Many of these patients can have high risk factors for blood clots and fatal pulmonary embolism. Not enough education has been available for patients to know when to intervene, in what they may feel is a cosmetic issue, until it has progressed much further than it needs to in today’s ” minimally invasive” society.

OPINION: There is no reason for depression nor blood clots or leg ulcers when early intervention with compression socks, stockings and annual check ups with venous ultrasound and fast recovery procedures are available with lots of choices for both. Morrison Vein Institute has been dedicated to vein disease for 21 years and offers a variety of scientifically proven, FDA approved methods all of which we have had thousands of successful cases and participated in FDA trials for most of them in our country.  Call today for a screening appointment and get started. 480-775 8460

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