About Us

Morrison Vein Institute earned its established worldwide reputation for leading-edge phlebology by focusing only on vein treatment, not diluting its work with any other procedures. MVI customizes treatments to specific patient needs, ranging from tiny spider veins to large varicosities with ulcerations. It uses only state-of-the-art technology and provides a highly trained, caring staff. All this prompted the State of Arizona Nursing Board to use the institute as a model in setting standards in sclerotherapy treatment by registered nurses.

“Patients often tell us, ‘I’ve done my research, I know who you are, and you’re the best.’ They also comment frequently on the warmth of our 5 certified registered nurses (RNs) and world-renown MD team,” said MVI Co-Founder, Terri Morrison, RN, BS

The staff is headed by 4 doctors: Co-founder :Nick Morrison, MD, FACPh, FACS, RPhS, President, Union Internationale de Phlebologie; Member, American College of Phlebology Foundation Board; Past President, American College of Phlebology
 Medical Director, Morrison Vein Institute. Nick Morrison, MD is a sought-after international speaker, an author, and published an article in the Journal Vasc Surg 2008; 47: 830-6,693; 2007 and “Vein Book, among others.

James McEown, MD., FACEP, Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine, Board Certified American Board of Emergency Medicine and Member of American College of Phlebology

Karen Garby, MD, Board Certified American Board of Radiology, Member of Society of International Radiology and Member of American College of Phlebology

Susan Cortesi, MD FACS, Board Certified, American College of Surgery; Member of American College of Phlebology.

You won’t find caregivers in “scrubs” at MVI, only in professional attire. They also pride themselves on spending extraordinary time with each patient. The team spends three to fours hours educating each patient about anatomy and physiology, and the doctors provide a diagnosis involving individualized ultrasound vein mapping derived from the best-available equipment.

“Every patient receives an extensive, customized, all-inclusive treatment plan,” Terri Morrison said. “We move forward with the procedure only when the patient is ready, whether that’s tomorrow or next fall.”

In addition to MVI’s exceptional vein care, its patients enjoy unique personal services. During procedures, a nurse is always available to hold the patients’ hand, or tune in their favorite music videos.

MVI also employees full-time staff to help patients handle insurance filings. Morrison Vein Institute has contracts with Medicare primary and Blue cross Blue shield. As an out-of-network, fee-for-service provider, MVI is not encumbered by third-party decisions, which cause treatment limitations and delays.

“Our success since 1995 has come not only because we remodel legs, but because we teach patients how to limit return visits by managing their genetic disorder,” said Terri Morrison. We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary dedicated to vein care only.

We have offices in Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona. Visit our website for more info http://www.morrisonvein.com/ or call 866-GRT-LEGS  or 480-775-8460


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