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Healthy Vein Tips: Exercise, Elevate Legs, Wear Compression Stockings

Making exercise fun!

Making exercise fun!

Fun Compression

Fun Compression

Compression stockings for prolonged sitting and standing

Compression stockings for prolonged sitting and standing

Teaching exercise to improve circulation

How to – YouTube Video: Butler For Your Compression Hose

“How To” YouTube Video: Measuring for compression stockings


YouTube Video: Colorful Compression Stockings






Article about Compression “Sense and Sensibility: Travel Attire Without Offense!”


Great to see compression hose mentioned in blogs about travel and style. The author says “…recently realized need to wear compression hose on long flights [something I have done for years either to board or put on once airborne]. There is absolutely no reason safety and comfort must replace style … being fashionable always an option if only effort and thought given the matter. Why even my compression hose come in sexy lace topped thigh highs.”

Black lace thigh highs

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LV Travel LV Travel

In Jane Austen’s iconic book, “Sense and Sensibility” the main theme is how the family central and the women characters prevalence of excessive sensibility renders them without venue to betterment in their life fraught with difficulties. How connected to ones travel attire you ask? Well actually quite a easy analogy … far too often attempts at what some claim as “sensible” is no more than what is most readily available and as such in no need of  forethought or planning. Frequently these choices render wearer as uncomfortable as they appear untidy and unattractive – this too leaving one expending energy in defense of being assured their choice was perfect. The options are plentiful and should include practicality, protection and good taste – difficult you might be thinking to combine all these into a single travel attire choice. No dear readers – it just takes…

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DVT Awareness Month: Heavy D Died of blood clot

LA coroner says Heavy D died of natural causes.

Please wear compression stockings on airplane flights and long car rides to avoid blood clots. It could save your life. A famous rapper, Heavy D died of a pulmonary embolism, aka blood clot, after a long flight. If you have restless leg, feet or ankle swelling, or pain in your legs, please seek help from a Phlebologist, aka Vein Doctor. They can treat the veins in your legs, so you don’t have to live with those symptoms or get a blood clot.

Measuring for Compression Stockings

If you want to order compression stockings, we will need your measurements. Watch the video below for proper measuring:

Once you know your measurements, call Morrison Vein Institute at (866) 478-5347 and we will ship you any light weight compression stockings in any color you wish.


Tie Dye Leggings with Compression!

Tie-dye is back! Check out the new colors of compression stockings, including tie dye, that we offer to our patients thru All About Compression, Inc. They come in open toe, closed-toe, thigh highs, panty hose and leggings! We are always promoting health legs at Morrison Vein Institute, and we like fashion too. No more waiting to get your veins done because of the granny-style hose you have to wear. Now you can be in-style and help your legs too! Call All About Compression to order your stockings today and they can ship them to your house 855-835-3544


Compression Stockings in New Colors

Check out our newest compression stocking colors at Morrison Vein Institute! They come in thigh highs, panty hose and leggings! Now you can be fashionable while maintaining your leg health too! Call  (866) GRT-LEGS (5347) to find out more or check out

Compression Stocking How-To Video

Do you struggle when trying to put on compression stockings? If so, watch our tutorial youtube video below:


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