Fox 10 Interview of Dr Morrison

Fox 10 was at our office interviewing Dr Morrison and a patient of ours about CoolTouch Laser to treat veins. Thanks to TV and social media, patients can learn about new therapies to treat their veins.

In the last 2 years, the FDA has approved a New Foam  called Varisolve ( Varithena) for treating venous insufficiency, in other words a way to treat or close the leaking, saphenous veins that used to be stripped out! This isn’t used for the surface, cosmetic, skin veins that we can see. This replaces  therapies like laser or radio frequency ablation or MOCA, Clarivein type procedures.

The other approved last November is VenaSeal, Closure by Medtronic.                                  ( This procedure is the only non thermal, non- tumescent, non-sclerosant procedure that uses a proprietary adhesive delivered by a doctor using their kit to deliver in the saphenous vein, to close the veins with faulty valves. Patients who fear anesthetic, heat, pain etc will prefer this method and if this is the only treatment needed, the patient won’t need compression stockings that day and may return to work or play.


World Vein Specialists gather in Arizona

Dr. Morrison has organized a “meeting of the minds” for the last several years in Arizona for the worlds-best vein specialists. They are all here this weekend discussing treatments for varicose veins, the practice of Phlebology, compression therapy for veins, wound care, and all the ways to improve the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease. Experts traveled from around the US, Europe and South America to be a part of this very special invitation-only medical conference, which focuses not on a series of lectures, but of scientific topics presented and discussed. This structure allows for in-depth discussion of phlebology. This year’s meeting was sponsored by an unconditional education grant from MediUSA. Some of the presenters, world-renowned physicians, and invited guests include, Lars Rasmussen, Giovanni Mosti, Felizitas Pannier, Tom Wakefield, Allesandro Pieri, Jonathon Wanderer, Diana Neuhardt, Hugo Partsch, Dean Bender, Eric Mowatt-Larssen, Nick Morrison, Steven Zimmet, Joseph Caprini, Joe Zygmunt, Stephen Daugherty, Mark Forrestal, Dermott Moore, Mark Meissner, Helane Fronek, and many other brilliant minds. They got to have a little fun too, as shown in the pictures below.







Apprehensive About Having Your Veins Treated? Read This Story…

Betty had her veins treated last week and was so excited about her experience, she wrote this story to share… “I am a nurse at Morrison Vein Institute. I have nice legs, so from the outside, it didn’t look like I had any medical problem below the surface. However, I began to have symptoms of vein disease at the beginning of this year, like leg pain and heaviness after a day on my feet. Since I am a very active person, this was not going to work with my lifestyle. So I sought help. After an Ultrasound Scan of my legs, it was clear that I needed to have medical treatment. I was apprehensive about this, being generally a chicken.

So needless to say, I was very please when I had minimal discomfort during the vein procedure, and no discomfort to speak of at during or after the ultrasound-guided injections later. I did not experience any bruising, although everyone is different. I followed the instructions that we give our patients exactly.

The most important patient instruction that we give our patients is to wear hose for 48 hours after the procedure and then for 3 weeks during the day and to walk at least a half hour each day. For the hose wear, I found that the cotton thigh high is really comfortable, especially in the winter. I like wearing a closed toe for the first 48 hours because the open toe felt a little tight on my toes at night. However, everyone has different taste in hose wear.

During the first week, I did develop a rash near the top of my thighs from the hose. This is very rare, although I had heard a few patients complain of this in the past. So I thought I would pass on to you what I did to solve this problem; I turned the hose inside out and then used the roll-on adhesive at the top band area to hold the hose in place. That solved the problem perfectly.

I hope that anyone having symptoms, even with cosmetically nice legs, would consider getting an Ultrasound Scan and physician review to see the best way to treat their vein disease.”

betty pic 2

No Down Time for Vein Treatment

No time for treatment of your spider veins or varicose veins? We sure think we can fit it in to everyone’s schedule. Denise at Morrison Vein Institute talks about her recent vein procedure… “I am an employee at Morrison Vein Institute and have venous disease. I have had two vein closures in the past several years. Recently, at one of my follow-up appointments, I found out that I needed another vein procedure to close one of the Small Saphenous veins that was broken. Dr. McEown had a last minute cancelation this past Monday and so I jumped right in and had closure on my lunch hour and went right back to work. It was so easy and by the next day I couldn’t even tell I had anything done. The doctor and nurses made me feel so comfortable during the procedure and afterwards, I just kept my leg up and iced while at my desk. There’s no excuse to not take care of your health when the treatment is non-invasive and so simple.”Denise showing off the brown compression leggings

Thanks Denise, for sharing your story. Feel free to contact Denise to find out more about her experience at (866) GRT-LEGS.


World Phlebology Meeting in Boston was a Huge Success

All of our staff at Morrison Vein Institute had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the International vein meeting in Boston last week. Dr Morrison was the chair for the whole meeting and choreographed a 1600 person meeting of world experts in veins and vein disease with the help of the American College of Phlebology. Terri Morrison and most of our RN staff were invited to present at the meeting, so we all went in support of our team.

Terri Morrison participated in workshops and gave presentations on compression therapy for venous problems with other world-renowned compression experts. Barbara Deusterman, BSN, RN was the Nursing Section chair for the meeting, so she and Kathy Melfy faciliated the Nursing Symposiums throughout the week. Barbara also presented several case studies and gave talks on sclerotherapy do’s and don’ts. Kathy Melfy, BSN, RN presented on “Empowering your patients,” and “Treating the Underlying Aspects of Inflammation in Venous Disease.” Kathy and Terri also participated on a panel about “Comminication with Patients.”  Jackie McGrath presented a case study on “The Importance of Endovenous Thermal Ablation.” Susie Baker, BSN, RN presented a case study on KTS and gave a talk on “Verbal Anesthesia during procedures.”  Janice Beans, RN presented case studies on KTS and unusual venous problems.

As you can see from the pictures below, we learned, we presented, we networked and we celebrated…Dr Morrison was elected President of the International Union of Phlebology during our week in Boston!!! YAY!!

photo 1 (6)Dr Morrison being congratulatedphoto 1 (8)photo 3 (4)photo 3 (6)

photo 4 (2)photo 4 (4)photo 5 (5)photo 5 (6)

FREE Health and Beauty Open House May 30th

Morrison Vein Institute is teaming up with a well-respected plastic surgeon, Dr Jeffrey Ptak, next Thursday May 30th for a Health and Beauty Soiree! Come learn about leg health, vein disease, beauty secrets, and the latest procedures for your whole body! Seats are limited, so click on the link below to RSVP today or you can call us 480-860-6455 and say you want to be added to the list for the open house.–Next-Thurs–May-30–Health—Beauty-Soiree–Dr–Ptak—Morrison-Vein-Institute.html?soid=1102594600641&aid=t66wyPsUP-k.

Dr Nick Morrison Speaking at International Vein Congress

Dr Nick Morrison is speaking at the International Vein Congress (IVC) in Miami this weekend. He is presenting on the following topics relating to varicose veins, spider veins, vein disease and treatments:
1) Endovenous Non-Thermal Ablation
2) Liquid Sclerotherapy
3) Saphenous Reflux and Ablation
4) Foam Sclerotherapy
Dr Morrison is a world-renowned expert in veins and vein disorders, aka Phlebology. So he gets asked to speak all over the world.
For more information about this meeting you can visit:
If you would would like to keep abreast on other speaking engagements Dr Morrison has coming up or to learn more             about Phlebology, visit our educational site at

Dr Nick Morrison

World-Famous Vein Specialists Meet in Arizona

The 6th annual “Sedona Days” Conference is being held this weekend in Arizona. This meeting is an invitation-only conference organized by Nick Morrison MD, and sponsored by an unconditional educational grant from Medi USA. This unique medical conference represents a gathering of the leading venous experts, aka phlebologists, in the world, coming together to discuss various topics related to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with venous disease. Invited speakers and discussants have the opportunity to delve much more deeply into venous topics than they might have in a typical medical conference because most of the time is spent on creative discussion. To kick off the meeting, Dr and Mrs Morrison hosted a brick-oven pizza party. Below are some pictures from the party. Some of the most famous, successful and well-respected Phlebologists in the world are shown below prepping and cooking pizza!

Meeting pre-party

dad and Italian Doctors

dad cooking

doctors making pizza

dr and mrs Caprini

dr forrestal and john Dentoni

dr forrestal watching dad in action

dr forrestal, dr and mrs caprini, dad

italian drs

mom and hugo at pizza party

Nicos, Ted, Joe Caprini

pizza making by mel and Tony

pizza oven

pizza prep by tony and giovanni

terri and Hugo Parstch

Dr Morrison Presenting at Vein Meeting in New York

Dr Morrison was asked to present on several topics at this year’s Venous Symposium in New York. He is one of 3 world experts putting on a workshop about how to treat veins. The workshop has presentations of real cases that have been selected to optimize clinical decision making, treatment and follow-up of patients in a vein practice. Dr Morrison is also doing a presentation called “Managing Non-saphenous Varicose Veins.” The third presentation is about using foam to treat veins in your legs.

Got Veins? We Need Patients for a Clinical Research Study

Do you have large, bulging, painful veins in your leg or have been diagnosed with symptomatic varicose veins? We need patients who have varicose veins, and want to have them treated.
Morrison Vein Institute is a clinical site participating in a research study that you may qualify for.
This VeClose clinical research study compares a new treatment method for symptomatic varicose veins with a current treatment option. If you qualify to participate, your procedure costs are covered by the research trial.
If you would like more information about this study, please call about the VeClose clinical study: Morrison Vein Institute at 480-860-6455