Apprehensive About Having Your Veins Treated? Read This Patients Story…

Betty had her veins treated last week and was so excited about her experience, she wrote this story to share… “I am a nurse at Morrison Vein Institute. I have nice legs, so from the outside, it didn’t look like I had any medical problem below the surface. However, I began to have symptoms of vein disease at the beginning of this year, like leg pain and heaviness after a day on my feet. Since I am a very active person, this was not going to work with my lifestyle. So I sought help. After an Ultrasound Scan of my legs, it was clear that I needed to have medical treatment. I was apprehensive about this, being generally a chicken.

So needless to say, I was very please when I had minimal discomfort during the vein procedure, and no discomfort to speak of at during or after the ultrasound-guided injections later. I did not experience any bruising, although everyone is different. I followed the instructions that we give our patients exactly.

The most important patient instruction that we give our patients is to wear hose for 48 hours after the procedure and then for 3 weeks during the day and to walk at least a half hour each day. For the hose wear, I found that the cotton thigh high is really comfortable, especially in the winter. I like wearing a closed toe for the first 48 hours because the open toe felt a little tight on my toes at night. However, everyone has different taste in hose wear.

During the first week, I did develop a rash near the top of my thighs from the hose. This is very rare, although I had heard a few patients complain of this in the past. So I thought I would pass on to you what I did to solve this problem; I turned the hose inside out and then used the roll-on adhesive at the top band area to hold the hose in place. That solved the problem perfectly.

I hope that anyone having symptoms, even with cosmetically nice legs, would consider getting an Ultrasound Scan and physician review to see the best way to treat their vein disease.”

betty pic 2

Terri Morrison Teaches Course on Sclerotherapy & Compression for ACP

Terri Morrison, co-founder of Morrison Vein Institute, was asked by The American College of Phlebology to teach a nursing course in California this month. Nurses from all around the nation came to learn about treating veins with sclerotherapy and compression. Terri was teaching the course with several other experts in the field of Phlebology, which is the study of veins and vein disease. The course was a huge success and Terri was thankful she was asked to be a part of it.




World Vein Specialists gather in Arizona

Dr. Morrison has organized a “meeting of the minds” for the last several years in Arizona for the worlds-best vein specialists. They are all here this weekend discussing treatments for varicose veins, the practice of Phlebology, compression therapy for veins, wound care, and all the ways to improve the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease. Experts traveled from around the US, Europe and South America to be a part of this very special invitation-only medical conference, which focuses not on a series of lectures, but of scientific topics presented and discussed. This structure allows for in-depth discussion of phlebology. This year’s meeting was sponsored by an unconditional education grant from MediUSA. Some of the presenters, world-renowned physicians, and invited guests include, Lars Rasmussen, Giovanni Mosti, Felizitas Pannier, Tom Wakefield, Allesandro Pieri, Jonathon Wanderer, Diana Neuhardt, Hugo Partsch, Dean Bender, Eric Mowatt-Larssen, Nick Morrison, Steven Zimmet, Joseph Caprini, Joe Zygmunt, Stephen Daugherty, Mark Forrestal, Dermott Moore, Mark Meissner, Helane Fronek, and many other brilliant minds. They got to have a little fun too, as shown in the pictures below.







MVI Team at MudRun 2014

The staff at Morrison Vein Institute and Compudiagnostics formed a team for the Annual LoziLu MudRun in Arizona last year. They participated again this year and had shirts made with their team The Veinanators. They also wore yellow and black tie dye compression stockings to promote leg health at the event. Check out some of the pictures from this years event.








Are people bothered by varicose veins?

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OUCH! Yes, millions of people have bulging veins on their legs, aka varicose veins, that hurt, ache and/or throb.

or do you mean…

Looking at your own or other people’s varicose veins are ugly to the eye?

Either way, people don’t have to be bothered by varicose veins anymore. They can be removed in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia. There are doctors who specialize in veins and vein disease, called Phlebologists. Find a local, board-certified Phlebologist to treat your veins. The new procedure for removing varicose veins is called Ambulatory Phlebectomy. Do not let a doctor do a stripping surgery on your veins. It is very barbaric compared to the new procedures that can be done in an office setting.

Don’t be bothered anymore.

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Tie Dye Leggings with Compression!

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Tie-dye is back! Check out the new colors of compression stockings, including tie dye, that we offer to our patients thru All About Compression, Inc. They come in open toe, closed-toe, thigh highs, panty hose and leggings! We are always promoting health legs at Morrison Vein Institute, and we like fashion too. No more waiting to get your veins done because of the granny-style hose you have to wear. Now you can be in-style and help your legs too! Call All About Compression to order your stockings today and they can ship them to your house 855-835-3544


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Tie Dye Compression Stockings

susie in tie dye leggings

One of our RN’s, Susie, was rockin’ the tie dye compression leggings the other day, that we get from All About Compression, Inc.. Of course, I made her pose for a picture. Yes, these have compression in them too! You can purchase any of these compression stockings at All About Compression by calling 855-835-3544. They carry only the best brands approved by Morrison Vein Institute and they ship worldwide.

Got Swollen Legs or Ankles? Or Both?

Leg swelling can be caused by several different things. One reason your legs could be swollen, tired and heavy is from bad veins in your legs. When valves in the veins in your legs don’t close properly, pressure builds up in them. This can force fluid to leak out of the veins into the surrounding tissue. This valve malfunction is known as venous insufficiency, or vein disease. Vein doctors, aka Phlebologists can treat this with minimally-invasive in-office procedures. If left untreated, it can lead to blood clots, leg ulcers, varicose veins, restless legs, skin irritations, thrombophlebitis, cramping, itching, heaviness, etc…Image
Another cause of swelling is called lymphedema. The lymphatic system is somewhat similar to your venous system in that there is flow of lymph fluid back to the center of your body. If that system is impaired, fluid and proteins can leak into the surrounding tissue, causing swelling and discomfort similar to venous swelling. Lymphedema can be primary, meaning the cause is unknown. It can also be secondary, which is caused by anything that changes the lymphatic return. Common causes include trauma from surgery performed close to lymph nodes or vessels, removal of lymph nodes due to cancer surgery, radiation, infections or other traumas.
Lymphedema should not be mistaken for venous swelling. However, untreated venous insufficiency can progress into a combined venous and lymph disorder and massive swelling can occur, limiting walking, daily activities and cause permanent skin changes. The National Lymphedema Network is a great resource for information about lymphedema. Their website is http://www.lymphnet.orgImage.

So, the short of it is, if you have swollen feet, ankles and/or legs, seek help from a Phlebologist who specializes in veins. They can diagnose vein disease and lymphedema, then treat the veins in your legs if that is the root cause. If lymphedema treatment is needed, they can send you to a lymphedema specialist.

There’s More to Your Leg Veins Than Meets the Eye!

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Do you have a problem with leg veins? If so, you’re not alone. Nearly 50% of all women and men eventually develop venous disease, with symptoms that include “ugly veins,” leg aches, swelling, or in the worst cases, ulcers and blood clots. But while some people—even professionals—may tell you that bulging blue veins or threadlike purple spider veins are “merely cosmetic,” the truth is that without an ultrasound scan, it’s impossible to know if there is a medical problem in the hidden saphenous veins that spread like tree limbs through your legs.
Many facilities offer cosmetic vein treatment. Morrison Vein Institute is different. We specialize in comprehensive vein care of both unsightly and unhealthy veins. That means we don’t just treat veins that appear on the surface. We do a complete evaluation before vein treatment to identify any hidden problem areas. Next, we treat these problems completely. Finally, we re-examine…

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Morrison Vein Institute is Hiring

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Morrison Vein Institute is in the process of expanding, so we need a few new team members. We are looking for an experienced RN and possibly an MD who want to join our practice. We just hired an executive assistant but are always looking for front office personnel as well. If you, or someone you know, is looking for an exciting new career, email us.
Check out our staff of amazing doctors and nurses.



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