Why “Comprehensive Vein Care” Matters!


Why Morrison Vein Institute is different…

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Many facilities offer cosmetic vein treatment. Morrison Vein Institute is different. We specialize in comprehensive vein care, of both unsightly and unhealthy veins. That means we don’t just treat veins that appear on the surface. We do a complete evaluation before vein treatment, to identify any hidden problem areas in both upper and lower legs. Next, we treat these problems completely. Finally, we re-examine the veins periodically to assure that venous reflux has not returned. Venous disease cannot be “cured forever” by initial treatment but it can be managed so that serious vein problems are prevented and discomfort is minimized.

Even if your unhealthy veins were “stripped” in the past, other veins may become diseased. Morrison Vein Institute frequently works with people who’ve had previous vein treatments. If your vein problem is coming back, we’ll treat those veins with the most effective procedure for your individual condition.

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BREAKING: Morrison Vein Institute Hires New Female Doctor


Morrison Vein Institute is pleased to announce their newest associate, Susan Cortesi, MD, FACS.  Dr. Cortesi is highly regarded in general surgery is Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery, a fellow of American College of Surgeons and a member of the American College of Phlebology.

A proud native of Arizona, Dr. Cortesi graduated cum laude from Arizona State University with a BS in psychology in 1986, then continued on to the University of Arizona College of Medicine, serving her internship and residency in general surgery at the Maricopa Medical Center, 1990-1995.

Advocating for personal responsibility and wellness, Dr. Cortesi believes in empowering her patients in prevention, wellness and integrative care.  With the desire to serve others, she participated in a 10-week medical mission in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Dr. Cortesi is the mother of three teenage children ranging from 14 to 18 years of age, and she enjoys her free time pursuing Shotokan Karate, Zumba, yoga, hiking, cooking, and audio books.

Newsladies Compression Stocking Demo via Youtube

Terri Morrison, Co-founder of Morrison Vein Institute, and Heidi Foglesong, media personality, teamed up to talk about compression socks, stockings and an apparatus to put them on. Check out this great video on Youtube from the Newsladies talk show, featuring Heidi Foglesong on the doublewide network. If you are interested in purchasing the colorful compression stockings or socks you see on the video, you can call toll free (855) 835-3544 to order.

Myth: If you have your veins fixed they will just come back in a few years…

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 Before and after vein treatment

Before and after vein treatment

This may have been true when stripping was the only definitive treatment, but not anymore. Stripping is/was traumatic to tissue and disrupts connecting veins, leaving them to cause problems in the future. Also, stripping is associated with a significant inflammatory response resulting in recurrent varicose veins. Stripping is painful afterwards and makes ones returning to busy lives difficult. It also leave scars. Who wants that!

Now the definitive treatment of varicose veins is Endovenous Thermal Ablation. This is done in the office under local anesthesia. The vein is shut down/heat sealed by inserting a small Radiofrequency or Laser fiber into the vein through a very tiny puncture wound, so no need for stitches.  Following that procedure, patients walk out of the office on their own and return to normal activity the same or following day. Sounds a lot better, doesn’t it!

Patients with varicose veins…

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A Woman’s Story


Are you suffering from pelvic pain that can’t be explained? Read this woman’s story as it may be from varicose veins. We can help if so…

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One patient’s story about her leg veins, pelvic veins, and vaginal veins…

Heather wrote, “I was very familiar with varicose veins as a young girl because my mother had very large clusters of veins on the insides of both her legs and she had large scars down both her legs from where her veins were surgically stripped in the hospital after one of her pregnancies. My mom’s sisters also had varicose veins and my Mom made it clear that I would likely have that issue, too. I was 14 years old when I noticed my first varicose vein on the back of my right calf. I can also remember a friend in high school pointing out the enlarged veins in my ankles. I remember only wearing long shorts in high school and college because I had started to develop larger veins on the back of my thighs. By my early…

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Most Influential Healthcare Professional

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Nick Morrison, M.D. was named as one of Vein Magazine’s Most Influential Venous Professionals. The magazine interviewed Dr. Morrison and we thought we would share a few of the Q and A’s:

Q. A decade ago, few would have foreseen the crossover in types of vein treatments being offered at other specialty practices. Where do you think the next big movement is going to be and how will it affect vein practice?

A. I expect physicians of all sorts to play a larger role in the specialty development. I expect more and different minimally invasive procedures to come to the forefront in the treatment of venous disease. And I expect to have industry be an important part of this growth and development.

Q. What advancements are long overdue?

A. Procedures that abolish the need for local anesthesia. And most importantly, public and physician awareness of venous disorders, including modern treatment and…

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AZ Small Biz Con

The Arizona Small Business Association held AZ Small Biz Con today at the Scottsdale Princess Resort & Conference Center. We were invited to attend the breakfast entitled “State of Small Business” as a guest of Jackie Thompson, Community Affairs Director/Grassroots Efforts for Southwest Airlines. Special remarks were shared by Jackie Thompson and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer followed by a panel discussion. The panel included Rick Murray, COO of Arizona Small Business Association, Todd McCracken, President of National Small Business Association, and Shivani Dubey, Deputy District Director for the Small Business Administration. They had very good things to say about the economy and the state of business in Arizona. All of the panelists were well-received by the business community in the audience. Below are some pictures from the event.


asba breakfast jan brewer

jackie thompson speaking at asba breakfast

ASBA breakfast

Terri Morrison Teaches Course on Sclerotherapy & Compression for ACP

Terri Morrison, co-founder of Morrison Vein Institute, was asked by The American College of Phlebology to teach a nursing course in California this month. Nurses from all around the nation came to learn about treating veins with sclerotherapy and compression. Terri was teaching the course with several other experts in the field of Phlebology, which is the study of veins and vein disease. The course was a huge success and Terri was thankful she was asked to be a part of it.




World Vein Specialists gather in Arizona

Dr. Morrison has organized a “meeting of the minds” for the last several years in Arizona for the worlds-best vein specialists. They are all here this weekend discussing treatments for varicose veins, the practice of Phlebology, compression therapy for veins, wound care, and all the ways to improve the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease. Experts traveled from around the US, Europe and South America to be a part of this very special invitation-only medical conference, which focuses not on a series of lectures, but of scientific topics presented and discussed. This structure allows for in-depth discussion of phlebology. This year’s meeting was sponsored by an unconditional education grant from MediUSA. Some of the presenters, world-renowned physicians, and invited guests include, Lars Rasmussen, Giovanni Mosti, Felizitas Pannier, Tom Wakefield, Allesandro Pieri, Jonathon Wanderer, Diana Neuhardt, Hugo Partsch, Dean Bender, Eric Mowatt-Larssen, Nick Morrison, Steven Zimmet, Joseph Caprini, Joe Zygmunt, Stephen Daugherty, Mark Forrestal, Dermott Moore, Mark Meissner, Helane Fronek, and many other brilliant minds. They got to have a little fun too, as shown in the pictures below.







MVI Team at MudRun 2014

The staff at Morrison Vein Institute and Compudiagnostics formed a team for the Annual LoziLu MudRun in Arizona last year. They participated again this year and had shirts made with their team The Veinanators. They also wore yellow and black tie dye compression stockings to promote leg health at the event. Check out some of the pictures from this years event.









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